3.3" Diameter Universal (AC/DC) Motors
33-34 Frame

The Carter "Classic" Universal Motor

The Carter Classic Universal motor is the oldest of the product offerings in Carter's catalog. This motor can fit either a 33 or 34 frame mount, and is 3.3" in diameter. The Carter Classic a versatile motor that can be tailored to any customer needs.

Product Specs

  • Input Voltage: 12-250 volts
  • RPM: 1,800-24,000 RPM 
  • Torque: XXX IN-LBS 
  • Horsepower: .10-.33 HP


Optional Features

Sample Motors

*The table below represents only a small selection of the motors offered by Carter Motor Company. They are listed to provide a general reference of sizing, wiring, and performance. These standard design motors can be provided quickly as proof-of-principal prototypes.
Model Number Diameter Volts Horsepower RPM Amps
CUB1007AR 3.3" 115 VAC/DC 0.1428 10,000 1.80
CUA7520B 3.3" 115 VAC/DC 0.05 7,500 0.90
CUA1010F 3.3" 115 VAC/DC 0.10 10,000 1.6