"Looking to replace bodine?"

Carter's Engineering Department will design the motor that meets or exceeds your specifications
High Quality AC/DC Universal, Shunt, Permanent Magnet, 56 Frame, Gearmotors, Converters, and DC Tachometers.
   Last year Carter Motor Company spent over $250,000 for equipment. 

Classic Motor

AC/DC Series Universal, DC Shunt, DC Permanent Magnet Motors 500 - 20,000 RPM
Carter Motor Company Celebrates 80 Years of Business in 2012
Between the 80 years of Carter Motor Company's foundation in 1932 by Alva (Jack) Carter to owner Keith Geisler in 2012, Carter Motor Company has never skipped a beat and proudly celebrates its 80th year in business.
Carter Motor Company continues with a focus on quality, on-time delivery, and the excellent customer service that its customers have come to expect. Carter Motor Company is dedicated to providing, and improving, the above services as well as working closely with customers to create new and better methods to meet the customer’s needs as they exist today and their future requirements. 
Custom Designed Motor Solutions

The products presented on this site feature a wide range of options. However, variations on these designs are unlimited. Electrical and mechanical modifications to the standard offerings are available promptly and at moderate cost.

We know that customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we work hard to ensure the superior quality that you demand. read more